Tuesday, October 5, 2010


It's probably tacky (and bad luck) to start a new blog with a break-up post - but here goes anyway! :D

If and when my ex finds a new girl, I hope she's not one of two types of women. While I'm going to feel shitty about it regardless, these two would up the shittiness.

First is the perfect woman. There is absolutely no way  to keep from feeling like she's an upgrade (pardon my gauche use of the word).

Secondly is unexpectedly lame girl. Her presence will make me question my ex's tastes and whether I fit into a sucky category of women.

Anybody who's anybody can tell you that an ex's conduct shouldn't be dwelled upon, nor should someone create an opinion of oneself based on the opinions and decisions of others -- but fuck, who doesn't from time to time?

So anyhow. Hopefully he'll find someone who's fun and unique, and will have a better attitude than I did ... but someone who's a bit of a fuckup as well.

El oh el.

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