Sunday, October 10, 2010

No Brows About It

What happened in my early childhood that made me completely incompetent at doing girly things?? Or even taking a desired look, and then being able to replicate it..? I feel like all my efforts are being spent covering up all the cosmetic blunders I've made.

Every time I attempt to put on makeup, it's like I'm a little girl who's gotten ahold of her mom's lipstick - smearing it around like a dejected, drug addled, clown.

Whenever I try and do minor adjustments, like trim bangs or pluck my eyebrows, it's always a "run-in with the scissors." This, my friends, is how I ended up bald once.

Just now I tried to pluck my eyebrows into some desirable shape, as I've come to realize just about everyone does SOMETHING appealing with their brow hairs. ...Where the peak of my right brow should be, there's now a bald patch. And for whatever reason I couldn't get the two to match each other, in whatever awful state - so I look like I've taken a beating .... from a pair of tweezers. I grabbed some too-dark eyebrow/eye liner and took a picture on photobooth to see if it could pass...

Here it doesn't look too bad, but we can chalk that up to poor image quality and resulting lack of any substantial detail. I guess that means I can pretend on the internet. Story of my life!

I should probably have someone teach me these girl things, or invest in a salon visit.


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