Friday, October 8, 2010

Transplants From Facebook..

...or, moving this stuff to where it should have been in the first place:

1] Old video is old. But between Lady Gaga and Glee, I'm stoked that slightly operatic musical numbers with high production values are in.

2] I have been watching this for HOURS. This is what happens to my days when I work nights. A must-see for lovers of D&D and Penny Arcade.


4] A recent Penny Arcade comic drove me to look this up. It's the 1993 logo for Cyan that prefaced the first Myst game.

5] Has anyone told 2Pac's ghost that we have a black president?

6] Oh, Portland...

The sign is advertising a 24 hour suicide hotline.

7] Tyra Banks, you just gained 5000 points in my book.

That's points not pounds. Blogs about Tyra's weight have more than exhausted themselves.

And now for some self-taught tutorials on how to make my posts look decent .... with images instead of text links and whatnot. Yknow, make it look like I don't henpeck my way through a session with the intertubes.

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