Sunday, October 17, 2010

What Makes People Funny?

The need to pursue comedy as a hobby has finally been birthed. It's been gestating for a while, and my water finally broke when I heard of a friend's recent interest in comedy writing. She's been going about it much more pragmatically than I would have done, which is probably the better way - to actually study the art of jokes. I've proposed a union, the ends being something along the lines of dual stand-up at open mic night. Having grown up craving attention, and really thriving within my few successful one-liners, I can mark off another item on my proverbial bucket list if this succeeds in any way.

Proposing this idea to my friend and also to myself makes me feel even more chaotic than ever. Just this morning I was bound and determined to return to school for a postbac in graphic design. Lack of focus has always been my downfall. Literally and figuratively, I need some effing corrective lenses up in this bitch.

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